Disposable Diaries: Willy Vlautin

Our latest ‘Disposable Diaries’ comes from Willy Vlautin, author of The Motel LifeNorthlineLean on Pete and The Free. His writing is often praised for giving a voice to unexpected characters with Los Angeles Review of Books calling him ‘the patron saint of the underdog’. The Portland-based author has the ability to capture the essence of contemporary America, as exemplified by the two novels that have been adapted for the screen: The Motel Life in 2013 and Lean on Pete, directed by Andrew Haigh and released last year, starring Chloe Sevigny and Steve Buscemi.

Don’t Skip Out on Me is his latest novel and is the story of Horace Hopper, a young farmhand who dreams of becoming a professional boxer. His journey to fulfil his goal takes him to the boxing rings of Mexico and the streets of Las Vegas, where a beautiful and wrenching story of one man’s search for identity and belonging unfolds. In this photo series, Vlautin sets the scene of the novel, as well offering a glimpse of his own writing set up.

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