(In accordance with The Publishers Association, the Society of Authors, and Association of Authors’ Agents)

If you are seeking permission to reproduce copyright material, please first check with the publisher of the work, as publishers control anthology and quotation rights in most cases.

Applications or queries for use of theatrical, TV, film and all other rights should be addressed to the appropriate agent or sent to

If the publisher does not control these rights, then please fill out the permissions form which you can download by clicking here: Permissions FormWhen you have provided all the required information please send the form, via email to

Please note that permission requests can take up to 12 weeks to process so it is important to apply as far ahead of your deadline as you can, our clients reserve the right to refuse permission to reproduce their copyright material.

Each request is judged on a case by case basis, but please be aware that there is a usual minimum fee of £70 (plus VAT where appropriate).

Fair dealing:

Rates are normally, but not always, reduced for quotations to be used in non-commercial critical or scholarly works.

Limited extracts may be used free of charge providing correct attribution and acknowledgement is given.