Wayne McGregor profiled by Alan Yentob for BBC’s imagine… series

imagine… profiles arguably Britain’s most groundbreaking dance pioneer. Resident choreographer at the Royal Ballet and director of his own hugely adventurous dance company, Wayne McGregor’s dance achievements know no bounds both at home and internationally. Alan Yentob follows Wayne as he serves as director at the Venice Dance Biennale, creating a new production with his own company of dancers, and rehearses and opens The Dante Project, a new full-length ballet at the Royal Opera House in London. Wayne was brought up on John Travolta and rave music before encountering the work of Diaghilev and Merce Cunningham, so look out for a little ABBA along the way.

The film explores McGregor’s ascent from his childhood in 1970s Stockport, from disco fan to champion of contemporary dance. Ever questioning the possibilities of dance, he is also a child of the computer age and fascinated by the potential of technology when it lies at the crossroads of human potential.

You can watch the episode here.