The Aitken Alexander Isolation Series: Tock Tick by Clara Salaman


Tock Tick



In one foul swoop it seemed that everything had gone

My mum’s funeral

My kids

My lover

My work

Tick tock became tock tick

And Isolation became bearable

With other people

In other homes


New times, new routines

Strength found me

The painting on my wall

Boldness in brushstrokes

The watered leaf, perking up

A temporarily dust-free surface,

A good apple

The graciousness of the everyday

Hiding in plain sight


The London quiet

Let me hear my thoughts

And then I realised

My mum

My kids

My lover

My work

They are not gone

They’re all just 2 metres away


Clara Salaman is the author of three novels, the last of which was published under the pseudonym Natalie Daniels. That novel, Too Close, has been adapted by Clara for a three part serial starring Emily Watson for ITV. As soon as lockdown ends, production will begin.