Science could learn a lot from Mona Chalabi’s mischievous chart art

Mona Chalabi’s work is a compelling mix of illustration with a journalistic work ethic and a rigorous approach to statistics. The science and art worlds could do with more of this “TMI Queen”. 

Artist, illustrator and journalist Mona Chalabi describes herself as the “TMI QUEEN.” If you’re unaware of her “too much information” style, at her first private view at the Zari Gallery in London earlier in May, the first thing you saw was a making-of video for her 2016 artwork about pubic hair grooming injuries.

A blitz of Photoshop work that flies by in a few minutes, the time-lapse video shows how she took a clinical and explicit journal entry picture and turned it into a colourful and eye-catching graphic with bright colours, elegant cursive titles and a scientifically accurate heatmap of the most common places where people injure themselves when they groom their pubic hair. Here’s the link to Mona’s story that accompanies the graphic if you want to learn more.


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