5* Reviews for Clara Salaman’s ‘Too Close’ (ITV)

“Boasts one of the most convincing cat-and-mouse games ever seen on screen… Is there a name for the unspeakable joy of coming across something that is simply better than it needs to be?

Too Close, ITV’s latest offering – wisely, for such a claustrophobic piece, broadcast in its three parts on consecutive nights – will stay with you for the right reasons. It is a masterly adaptation by Clara Salaman of [her own] equally masterly 2019 thriller of the same name about a forensic psychiatrist, Emma.

Too Close feels like the most woman-centred, woman-driven mainstream production we’ve yet seen. That’s a bonus. Too Close is a fantastically compelling, brilliantly scripted whydunnit that is unquantifiably better than it needs to be.”

5 stars, The Guardian, Lucy Mangan

Too Close hit the viewer square between the eyes from its opening scene and did not stop punching until the closing credits. Bravo. Unclichéd, intelligent, dark, unpredictable, it was a terrific piece of writing by Clara Salaman.

This was a profound, hefty psychological tug of war adapted skilfully from the novel by Natalie Daniels (Salaman’s pen name), with some of the best writing and performances I have seen this year.”

5 stars, The Times, Carol Midgley

“A gripping psychological thriller with a Killing Eve twist… Watching episode one, I found myself almost ambivalent about whether or not Connie committed her heinous crime. I was far more interested in the meetings between Dr Emma and Connie, which by the end of the episode felt less like interrogation scenes – and more like a dance.”

4 stars, Radio Times, Flora Carr

“Sharp, involving psychological thriller… Written by the novelist and former actor Clara Salaman, this three-part psychological thriller is one of ITV’s most anticipated series of 2021, for obvious reasons. In [Denise] Gough and [Emily] Watson, it unites two intelligent and feeling actors over a twisting script that rakes over a full suite of middle-class anxieties: sex, class, parenting, race, fashion, even interior design gets it in the neck.”

4 stars, Independent, Ed Cumming

“Magnificent, muscular, intelligent writing… I think all 3 episodes have been absolute crackers.”

Carol Midgley, The Times TV review 15/04/2021

“A gripping conclusion”

Daily Mirror, Emma Pryer