Lizzie Collingham – My Reading Habits

Lizzie Collingham speaks to the Royal Literary Fund about her reading habits:

‘I like to sit and read at one of the narrow tables next to the floor-to-ceiling windows on North Front 4, occasionally looking out across college gardens to the spires of central Cambridge.’

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Lizzie Collingham is a historian interested in linking the minutiae of daily life to the broad sweep of historical processes. Her first book, Imperial Bodies, explored the physical experience of the British raj and the way in which concerns about race and imperialism found expression in debates about physique and diet. Curry: a tale of cooks and conquerors used the history of a particular dish to tell the story of Britain’s relationship with India; The Taste of War: World War II and the battle for food re-examined the Second World War from the perspective of food as a weapon of war.

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