Jo Baker’s THE BODY LIES is one of the “Most Anticipated Crime Books of Summer”

Summer is the season for crime fiction. The days are long, the nights are hot, your blood is up and maybe, just maybe you’re going to get a little time to yourself on that much deserved vacation. Whether you go in for spine-chilling suspense, moody noirs, classic whodunits, splashy thrillers, or any other type of crime, chances are there’s a book for you coming out these next few months. The only question is how many novels are you going to devour this season? To help you prepare for the coming months’ bounty, we’re breaking down all the best and most anticipated crime fiction, mysteries, and thrillers coming out in late May, June, July, and August. (See here for Part I of our Most Anticipated Crime, Mystery, and Thrillers of 2019.)

Selections come from CrimeReads editors and their band of accomplices, co-conspirators, informants, undercover agents, and moles. Be warned: there are over 100 novels on this list. If you endeavor to read them all, we cannot guarantee that your vacation will end well or that your relationships with family and friends will survive the summer. But at least you’ll know how they end.

Jo Baker, The Body Lies (Knopf)

“In this slow-burn psychological thriller, a writer moves to the countryside to teach and heal after surviving a vicious assault, yet soon finds herself in danger once more when a student begins writing violent fantasies that appear to star his teacher as the victim. We can’t wait to immerse ourselves in this creepy tale of craft, obsession, and reading between the lines.”

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