How to Read Now published in North America to brilliant critical reception

We are delighted to see that Elaine Castillo’s debut work of non-fiction How to Read Now was published this week by Viking in North America to a brilliant critical reception.

The New York Times Book Review said in their rave review: “Castillo’s nonfiction carries the same animated verve as her novel…Masterly…An engaging and provocative conversation with a playful interlocutor who wanted me, her reader, to talk back…How to Read Now is a book that doesn’t seek to shut down the current literary discourse so much as shake it up. And on this I agree with Castillo: It so desperately needs to change.”

How to Read Now has also been awared four starred reviews from Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, BookList and Bookpage. Publishers Weekly praised it as a “a dynamic and necessary look at the state of storytelling. Bookpage called it “eviscerating, dramatic and funny” and Kirkus “wild engaging, with a biting and appropriately scathing tone and plenty of humor. ” Booklist said:

“Provocative, deeply analytical, and powerfully expressed… A deftly surgical critic… Castillo’s investigations are incisive, reorienting, sometimes funny, and truly revolutionary.”

It’s been recommended by Vulture, Electric Literature, The Millions and USA Today as book to look forward to in 2022, and is part of the September selection for Roxane Gay’s Audacious Book Club.

The Los Angeles Times was also full of praise, saying: Each of the book’s eight essays burns bright and hot from start to finish… How to Read Now offers its audience the opportunity to look past the simplicity we’re all too often spoon-fed into order to restore ourselves to chaos and complexity — a way of seeing and reading that demands so much more of us but offers even more in return.”

Congratulations to the author! How to Read Now will be published on August 4th in the UK by Atlantic Books.