Happy publication to THE HIGH HOUSE, Jessie Greengrass’s ‘exquisite’ second novel

We are delighted that Jessie Greengrass’s novel THE HIGH HOUSE is out now in the UK from Swift Press. It was chosen by the Guardian, Independent and New Statesman as a novel to look out for in 2021, and the Bookseller praised it as ‘both a portrait of an unconventional family and of inexorable environmental tragedy … extraordinarily moving.’

The novel has also garnered wonderful quotes from Max Porter, Sigrid Nunez, Daisy Johnson and Julianne Pachico:

‘In the tradition of Lively, Hazzard, Fitzgerald, Ishiguro and Brookner, Jessie Greengrass is a master observer of of inter-human atmosphere; exquisitely good on oddity, unease, yearning and disquiet. The High House is about the great crisis of our time, but is an unconventional domestic drama performed on an intimate stage. It shows us what strange shapeless agony comes of loving one another, being alive together, preparing for the end of one story or the beginning of the next.’ – Max Porter

‘The future imagined in this brave, important, and exquisitely written novel is a frightening one. But even the darkest times are lit by moments of beauty and grace, and the reader is uplifted by Greengrass’s conviction that salvation lies not in competing with one another to survive but in uniting to help those we love.’ – Sigrid Nunez

‘I would read anything Jessie Greengrass writes. She excels in the small moments of our long lives. This book is completely beautiful.‘  – Daisy Johnson

‘The High House is a cathartic, timely novel on the grief that many of us are experiencing – a grief for the world we’ve lost, and are still losing. It’s also a subtle and powerful commentary on family, and what genuine community and caretaking can look like. Profoundly moving, this is an incisive yet hopeful reflection on how to move forward together, after everything ends.’ – Julianne Pachico