Changing the conversation: Emma Dabiri in the Irish Times

Emma Dabiri, the author, historian, and TV presenter, and Hazel Chu, the Green Party politician and Lord Mayor of Dublin, both share an experience of being high-profile Irish women, but have also been subjected to Irish racism in their upbringing, and in their professional lives. 

Both grew up in Dublin in the 1990s, a decade up until which emigration still exceeded immigration, and Ireland remained a largely white, culturally homogenous society. Dabiri’s Irish childhood is rooted in Rialto, and Chu grew up in Firhouse and Celbridge.

Dabiri has spoken and written a lot about her experience of racism in Ireland, where she was the only black person in her immediate environment. She now lives in London, where she took a degree in African studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, presented multiple documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4, and is a visual-sociology PhD researcher at Goldsmiths.

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