Catherine Aird Wins Diamond Dagger 2015

Diamon Dagger



The Crime Writer’s Association is delighted to announce that the recipient of this year’s prestigious Diamond Dagger is Catherine Aird.

Following in the footsteps of luminaries such as Simon Brett, P.D James, Lee Child and Frederick Forsyth, Catherine has kept readers entertained for six decades with her deliciously dark tales. In that time she’s written over twenty novels, including the hugely popular Chronicles Of Calleshire, and completed several collections of short stories.

Despite being such a prolific and popular author, Catherine was still surprised to discover she was to be presented the highest honour in the crime writing genre.
“It feels very nice indeed, I can assure you!” beams Catherine. “I am absolutely delighted. I’m so glad to be part of such a happy group as the CWA and we do all tend to read each other’s work. I think I’ve enjoyed writing my books probably more than my readers have enjoyed reading them.”

The Diamond Dagger will be presented to Catherine at a glittering ceremony at the Hotel Russell in London on 30th June 2015.
“Catherine Aird is an inspirational figure to other crime writers,” says Alison Joseph, the CWA chair. “Not only is her writing irresistible and wonderful, but she’s also a great champion of other authors and of crime writing itself. That makes her the perfect choice to receive this year’s Diamond Dagger.”

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