Hogarth Press: Two Stories by Virginia Woolf and Mark Haddon

Hogarth is to mark its centenary with a birthday edition of its first publication, Two Stories, including newly commissioned work by Mark Haddon, to be published on 22 June. Founded by Virginia Woolf and her husband, Leonard Woolf, in 1917, the Hogarth press list ranged across fiction, poetry, politics and psychoanalysis, and published all of […]

‘Kirsten is the wicked, mischievous twin’, a new story by Eimear Ryan

She isn’t shocked, exactly, by Kirsten’s disappearance. There is a part of Emily that has always been waiting for Kirsten to leave – to emigrate or become famous or die splashily, like from an overdose or in a plane crash. Kirsten is the wicked, mischievous twin. The one who wanted them to wear matching outfits, […]

Read the new story ‘Pure Gold’ by John Patrick McHugh

I was glue-lipped, dangling on the border between the horrors and the thirst. We were out in Ziggy’s yard, huddled on the lichen-knackered back step as the sun bate down. The air was close and muggy, like someone else’s breath, and I stank. Beside me Ziggy moaned, his head in bowed arms, the grease on […]

Anhedonia, Here I Come – new short story by Colin Barrett from The New Yorker

  Bobby Tallis possessed the drainpipe physique, knee-length mackintosh, and winsomely dissolute demeanor of a poet, or so he believed, as he pursued a lavishly wayward course across the mangy municipal parks, median strips, and depressed residential quadrangles of his quarter of the city on another blustery October afternoon. One hand broodingly ensconced within a […]