Brix Smith Start: ‘Mark E Smith? He’s complicated’

Ex-Fall guitarist Brix Smith Start endured wild and colourful marriages with both Mark E Smith and Nigel Kennedy. Now she’s written her memoir… In May 1983, Brix Smith, then aged 20, arrived in Manchester. A Californian by birth and disposition, her first impressions of the city were not favourable. The buildings, she writes in her […]

How Phil Lynott Became Rock’s Most Notorious Hellraiser

  Rock star Phil Lynott was recording his second solo album in a studio in Soho and, as usual, the control room was overflowing with hangers-on. Lynott made a show of conducting a headcount – 12 people. Gazing at the expectant entourage, he carefully prepared 12 lines of cocaine. And then he snorted them all himself. “He […]

How John Peel Created our Musical World

  David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Roxy Music, New Order … all owe their emergence in large part to one DJ. From psychedelia to drum’n’bass, and over 35 years, he shaped a nation’s – and the world’s – taste in music. It was 27 July 2012, the night of the opening ceremony of the […]

Perfect Surprise

Wolf Larsen’s If I Be Wrong featured in Three Ireland advert


One of the most thrilling and unpredictable rock bands ever?


will we all finally fall 4 him?