Bernardine Evaristo on Lessons Learned From Toni Morrison

“As a writer, Morrison asks us to do some of the work.”

Beloved (Paperback)

Bernardine Evaristo’ has written a new preface to Toni Morrison’s Beloved, published by Vintage Classics as part of a newly-designed series of editions of Toni Morrison’s best-known novels, in celebration of her life and work.

“As soon as I read The Bluest Eye in 1981, I was hooked on Toni Morrison’s writing. How I loved her lush prose in this, her first novel, and the quietly intense dramatic storytelling style that centered young Black females, especially the storyline around colorism, with Pecola, the dark-skinned Black girl longing for blue eyes in a country that elevated white beauty and deemed blackness ugly. I still have that now extremely mashed-up copy of The Bluest Eye on my bookshelf, alongside every other book she published.”

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