All of this Unreal Time – Max Porter and Cillian Murphy reunite for new film for Manchester International Festival

We are delighted to announce that Max Porter has written the script for All of This Unreal Time, starring Cillian Murphy, which will premiere at the Manchester International Festival in July. More details and tickets here.

‘I came out here to apologise. You know. I find myself, at the midpoint of my life, in a dark wood, and now I’m here, in the forest of my mind, and every tree is shame, every living thing is a reprimand, and I realise, I must speak freely now, before I lose you.’

A man – any man, everyman – walks alone through night and the city. From subway to pavement to wide open marshland, he confesses his failings: emotional, physical, political. To whom, and for what? Ashamed and alarmed, he considers both the smallness of human life and the scale of the world, and ultimately our most pressing obligation: to care for those alongside us, and for the earth that sustains us.

A film starring Cillian Murphy, written by Max Porter, directed by Aoife McArdle and with music by Aaron Dessner, Bryce Dessner and Jon Hopkins, All of This Unreal Time is presented as an immersive installation in surround sound – and is an MIF21 world premiere.