A Writer’s Deathbed Portrait of Francis Bacon – Max Porter in the New York Times

Max Porter is a writer who’s spent a long time thinking about death. “I would say I’m a death-obsessed, or a mortality-preoccupied, person,” he said recently in a video interview from his home in Bath, England.

His 2015 debut, “Grief Is the Thing With Feathers,” follows the passing of an unnamed mother survived by her husband, a college professor, and two young sons. As the family mourns, an enormous crow moves into the family home to guide and antagonize them. In “Lanny,” his Booker Prize-listed second book, a child goes missing in the English countryside, setting off a paranoid manhunt.

For his latest novel, “The Death of Francis Bacon,” set to be released by Strange Light on Sept. 14 in the United States, Porter has turned his attention to an artist who shared his morbid fascination.

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